All present-day time-quantifying devices share the same timekeeping element, a special utility that unintermittingly resonates at a fixed and unchangeable rate. This element is presented as a crystal of quartz. The most recent addition is a device that captures the vibration of atoms. Atomic clocks utilize this technique. The idea behind the resonating utility inside a clock is that the vibrations are registered by the internal mechanism and are calculated into a respective time measurement, and translated to the indicator, that presents the result in an understandable way. Clocks are usually presented in two forms - analog and digital. The first type inherits the indication method from a sundial. It shows time on a timepiece using different angles of hour hands. The second type transforms the vibrations not into different positions of hour hands, but into electrical signals that are shown on the display as numbers. Analog clock functions in twelve-hour format, while digital clocks have twelve-hour and twenty-four-hour formats available. Sometimes visual indication of time may also be repeated by a sound signal. As any other piece of equipment, clocks require power. Mechanical clocks use a special apparatus with a chain or a weight, that has to be impacted upon by a human to gain momentum and thus power the rest of the mechanism. Electronic clocks use electrical power from a landline or a battery.

Another type of time-quantifying devices are timers and stopwatches. They are special types of clocks, that measure a specific period of time. They differ in time periods they operate. Stopwatches measure time from any starting point until it is stopped, hence the name. Timers usually count down a specific time interval, where the endpoint is definitive. Clocks and timers are extremely useful in any aspect of life, they regulate our everyday actions, show the duration of processes and control the flow of our activities. MegaDepot provides a great selection of both analog and digital clocks and timers, manufactured by brands like Sper Scientific, General Tools, Bel-Art Products, Cooper-Atkins, Reed and many more. You will find the product you want for the best price on MegaDepot.