Weighing scales are special tools that quantify weight of an object or objects out on the measuring plate. They do so by measuring the force the objects applies to a spring. These tools are affected by the temperature of the surrounding environment and by gravitation. These two factors may affect the precision of measurements made by such devices, however with adequate calibration mechanisms they can be negated. Scales require such mechanism to be appropriate for commercial use. Requirements for laboratory scales are higher than for usual instruments because of the delicate nature and small amounts of measured subjects. Special analytical balances are used to quantify bodies that weigh less than a milligram. They have a sensitive measuring mechanism and a special glass shield to prevent dust and airflows from affecting the reading result. There are also devices called micro-analytical balances. They resemble analytical ones in purpose and construction, however such gadgets are much more sensitive, they measure weight in million parts of a gram (micrograms). We offer a great selection of mass measuring devices as well as calibration weights and other additional supplies. Be precise with MegaDepot.