Mixing and separating equipment are opposite in their purpose, and therefore - construction. Separation is a method of segregating several substances from a single mixture. It is required to obtain ingredients of a compound, and is applied when singled out component is more valuable and useful than the mixture containing it, or to perform various tests. We provide a great selection of separating devices such as evaporators and distillers (they use heat to divide elements), centrifuges (that use mechanical force to separate elements), filters (which use physical or chemical reactions to separate elements) and other devices. Mixing is a process of creating a homogenous substance from two or more components. This process is performed when the resulting mix has more useful attributes than its ingredients or in testing different substances. We provide an array of mixing tools like shakers, stirrers, and other devices that use mechanical force to gradually blend elements together. Lab equipment and all necessary accessories and replacement parts are presented on our website for the best prices available. Shop for the best with MegaDepot.