We provide a great selection of cleaning supplies like wet wipes, detergents and degreasers, liquid dust removers, glass cleaners and sponges to meet basic cleaning needs. These cleaning utilities may be used in various situations, and are commonly used in various spheres. They are particularly important in lab environment, where constantly maintaining the workplace and equipment clean is an absolute must.

Ultrasonic cleaners are special devices often applied in cleaning various small details and objects, from jewelry and wristwatches to industrial gears and electronic devices. These are professional cleaning tools, and they are very useful in medicinal and chemical spheres. Usually water or special cleaning solution is used in these devices. They create ultrasonic vibrations that cause little “tears” in the water. When these separations in the body of water close together they generate heat and pressure that rips off any contaminants from the object. These gadgets are very good at cleaning small details and tools, but they do not provide disinfection of objects.

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