Multi-Purpose Brady BMP71 Label Printer For Your Profit Feb. 25, 2018

Labeling wires or cables, creating markers, informational and safety labels, flags, arc flash or barcode labels – sounds like these are really cash-consuming projects, which, in addition, require a whole bunch of equipment and supplies. But can you imagine a machine that does it all?

Introducing The BMP71 Label Printer

The BMP71 Label Printer by Brady represents a workhorse capable of labeling virtually everything! The given device is intended for creating labels and markers of different size, configuration, and quantity. Its ultimate set of features allows tackling any challenging tasks with superior speed, accuracy, and quality.

Why Choose The BMP71 Label Printer

There are three main criteria for choosing a label printer:

  • printing speed (inches per second);
  • printing quality (dots per inch);
  • printing technology.

The portable BMP71 represents a coherent combination of all three criteria – it prints 1.5 inches per one second, utilizes the thermal transfer technology and produces labels with 300-dpi quality!

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Key Features

The BMP71 printer possesses a set of characteristics aimed at users’ convenience and high-quality results.

  • intuitive full-color display facilitates each step of a printing procedure;
  • multi-function keypad is easy to use and understand;
  • simple interface makes this device suitable for anyone from your crew;
  • doesn’t require pre-training before first-time use;
  • all the supplies (cartridges, ribbons) are easy to load/reload;
  • allows for connection with a PC for data exchange/storage/etc.;
  • durable housing allows for usage in rugged conditions;
  • reliable electronics won’t let you down;
  • equipped with a handle for carrying.

Aside from these, this "workhorse" is capable of recognizing the installed parts, sizes and colors of label materials, amount of material left and indicates the current font size. The device can be operated on a battery (rechargeable) or from the mains, i.e., you are free to use it in-field, wherever you need it or as a desktop device.

Advanced Features

In addition, each user is enabled not only to print but to create necessary labels really quickly too. This is possible due to special features present in the given printing device.

Built-in wizards. This feature enables the usage of pre-created templates/configurations in order to print certain labels/markers much quicker. General ID, electrical, and datacom labels are created within a minute – just choose a template/design (change the legend, if necessary), and press PRINT! Additionally, you can pre-create the labels you’re up to print often and lose no more time on editing!

Additional symbologies. The BMP71 makes your life easier for it possesses the resident bar code symbology (Codes 39 and 128), different graphics for each type of label (over 500), and serialization. In case you are up to use other symbologies/elements – the latter are available in special software (e.g. Label Mark™ or MarkWare™ Express). Using software you save lots of time and make each label or marker printing procedure a totally hassle-free process.

Compatibility with materials. This device is capable of printing markers or labels on a wide variety of materials – about 30 types. These types include the most popular ones, like self-laminating labels, raised panel labels, and PermaSleeve™ heat-shrink sleeves, etc.

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Is It Suitable For My Needs?

The given model of a label printer possesses technical characteristics that make it superior for use in a really wide range of industries and industrial branches. If you find the scope of your activities among the mentioned below – the BMP71 is created to be yours!

  • electrical branch;
  • maintenance/repair;
  • general ID (in all industries);
  • ADM (aerospace, defense, mass transit);
  • warehousing/tool cribs;
  • equipment renting;
  • lean & compliance;
  • safety around workplaces;
  • transportation equipment;
  • voice & data communications;
  • IT & networks.

Although this list is quite long, it represents only the tip of the iceberg – the more users of BMP71, the wider becomes its applicability. Its portability and superior set of features make the BMP71 a universal label printer for any industry and different purposes!

Raised Panel Labels Electrical Labels Cable Marker Labels

What’s inside the case?

Purchasing the BMP71 Label Printer, users get not only a printing device but a set of accessories for a successful start and superior quality of the outcome. There are several options/configurations of package contents up to your choice. The basic set comprises the printer itself, a battery pack with a charger/AC adapter, and a USB cable and supplies for your start – a black ribbon and a cartridge with labels. The basic set also contains a product CD with the necessary information and a manual for your easy start. There are optional parts, or parts from certain sets, including label roll adapters, cleaning assets, software CDs with additional templates or symbologies, that might be of use for certain owners.

Printing your labels or markers with the innovative BMP71, you are free to choose from the existing templates or create a unique label. The screen allows you to preview the label and make sure it is exactly what you expect to get. The whole process is easy and won’t take more than a minute after little practice!

Brady BMP71 – that’s how the job should be done!

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