Black Friday & Cyber Monday with MegaDepot Oct. 17, 2016

In the last part of November, numerous bargain hunters focus their sights on the day following Thanksgiving. It is exactly the fourth Friday of the month, shoppers across the US take advantage of expansive bargains and literally scramble for Black Friday doorbuster deals, entirely discounted goods and products available in limited quantities.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and the official kick-off to the Christmas shopping season.

Getting a Doorbuster Deal or Limited Item Can Make You Feel Superior and Validated? In the case of the doorbuster and limited deals the primitive competitive aspect of the “crowd” tend to overwhelm like “Ha, I got it and you missed!”

In fact, the sense of competition actually validates the idea of Black Friday bargain hunting. This very basic principle makes nearly 135 million people go out for a hunt on Black Friday every year.

Online Shopping for Those Who Don't Like Crowds

Some people — more competitive and outgoing people — thrive on the in-person shopping experience, whereas others prefer to avoid those crowds and do online shopping. 2015 was record-breaking for online sales, resulting in $1.3 billion spent on Thanksgiving and $2.4 billion on Black Friday.

Taking into account the fact that lots of us would rather stay at home comfortably and have hot chocolate on that Friday the executives came up with the bright idea for “Cyber Monday”, even though the Monday after Thanksgiving historically never previously saw any up-tick in online sales over any other day around that time, with online sales seeing their actual peak days between December 5th and December 15th.

Here at MegaDepot we’ve got prepared the whole pile of a variety of products with incredible discounts available throughout the entire period between November 25th through November 28th!

You’ve Never Seen Like This Before! Exclusive Offers with SMASHING Discounts up to 75% OFF! This year we’ve catalogued our best deals to your advantage in the following Spheres / Departments of our store (ready?!!):

  • Cleaning Equipment (9 items)
  • Education & Teaching Supplies (6 items)
  • Hand Tools (208 items)
  • HVAC/R Equipment & Fans (186 items)
  • Lab & Scientific (1112 items)
  • Machines & Power Tools (71 items)
  • Material Handling Equipment (732 items)
  • Measuring & Layout Tools (68 items)
  • Med Equipment & Supplies (23 items)
  • Networking & Wiring (683 items)
  • Other (11 items)
  • Plumbing (711 items)
  • Printers & Scanners (34 items)
  • Process Control & Automation (621 items)
  • Safety (290 items)
  • Security (140 items)
  • Test Equipment (572 items)
  • Welding & Soldering Equipment (17 items)

Don’t miss Your chance to Save an Extra $10!

On top of our Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale offers we have a $10 OFF Coupon ready and awaiting! To take advantage of it, the ONLY thing required here is - You must have 2 or more items in Your shopping cart for an amount of minimum $200 or more. You already Do? Great! Use Your coupon code BLACK10 (CYBER10 for Cyber Monday orders) at the Checkout and have an Extra $10 saved!

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