Clamps are very common utilities that are utilized to strengthen the bond of the hose and a connection. They are presented in various types that are applicable in different situations. Band clamps have a connecting element, and when it is tightly put on the hose this element is punched in to fix the position of a fitting. Another popular type is called screw clamps. Such tools are made of strips of metal with a screw pattern on it. One side of it has a screw. After the position of a tube and a coupling is fixed, such clamp is put on top, and the screw pulls the strip of metal and tightens the bond. Wire clamps are made of a thick wire that has a special connector and a screw connected to different sides. After the wire is put in the desired place, the end parts are connected in an overlapping manner and are tightened with a screw. There are also spring clamps. These utilities are formed from steel that already assumes a certain form and diameter. Such clamps have one element leaning outwards in the middle of one end and two side elements on the other end. These elements are used to pull the clamp sideways when fitting in onto a hose. Ear clamps have special elements on the opposite sides. After the tool is fitted on the hose these elements are pulled together, and the clamp becomes deformed, thus fastening the connection. We provide a wide range of clamps of different designs. Lowest prices for the best products - only on MegaDepot.