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Wheeleez, Inc., a California Corporation, Established in 1996, manufactures low-pressure balloon wheels, kayak carts, beach carts, boat dollies, and PWC dollies and related gear that work amazingly well on sand. Low Pressure Wheels (Beach/Balloon Wheels) use tires that inflate to an ideal pressure of 2.5 psi. (As opposed to automotive tires or most other pneumatic tires that inflate to 35 psi. or more.) The result is that these tires are so soft, they flatten soft sand and distribute their load over a wide surface. Other tires just dig ditches. These tires also conform to irregular terrain making rolling over rocks, branches, or other obstacles quite easy. The following are a few but not all the unique Wheeleez balloon wheels qualities and features: heavy duty, puncture resistant Polyurethane (PU) wheels featuring 80% US made material; PU tires are stable in a wide temperature range from -15 to 75 C (5 to 167 F); excellent performance also on challenging terrain, asphalt, concrete, gravel, and rocks; molybdenum enhanced bushings improve gliding etc. To learn more about the benefits of all the Wheeleez® products, the cases and ways of use - you are welcome to check out our Beach and Kayak Carts Review.

It is Wheeleez, Inc.'s objective to make these unique Wheeleez® wheels and related equipment available to as many customers as possible. Wheeleez, Inc.'s staff will make every effort to assist customers in their selection of the most appropriate product and to create a pleasant purchase experience.

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