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Since 1979 RADIATION ALERT® instruments have proven ideal for a wide range of applications. As the manufacturer of own products, the company have engineered them to be reliable, simple to use and understand, and affordably priced. Being dedicated to the customers, the company’s promise is that you’ll find the appropriate instrument for your needs. Radiation Alert’s continuing development reflects their commitment to meet the ever-increasing and changing needs of first response, industrial, governmental, educational, medical, and environmental markets. All Radiation Alert® products are shipped promptly and supported by comprehensive customer and technical service. All the instruments, both warranty and non-warranty, can be repaired and calibrated by company’s in-house technicians.

In the late 1980s, S.E. International, Inc. entered into collaboration with International Medcom of Sebastopol CA. Together the companies successfully produced the first small handheld survey meter with a built-in 2-inch pancake Geiger tube. For many years and for both companies, S.E. International, Inc. was the original and sole manufacturer of the brand named "Radiation Alert® Inspector" as sold by SEI and the "Radalert® Inspector" as sold by International Medcom.

After 20 years of working together, two collaborates parted ways and now both companies are independently producing versions of the original instrument as the Radiation Alert® SEI Inspector USB and the IMI Inspector Alert.

To help you in distinguishing between the two instruments, S.E. International, Inc. changed the SEI Inspector USB enclosure to the current SEI blue with rounded edges, extra grip serrations, and a redesigned label. For those of you that use the patented Wipe Test Plate, the rails are now part of the enclosure. Among other revisions, the company have also added onboard memory, a back lit display, free Observer USB software, and built-in efficiencies for commonly used isotopes. Now with a full one year warranty, you can be assured the SEI Inspector USB is made in the USA and is still the reliable instrument that has become an industry standard.

S.E. International, Inc. - Excellence in Radiation Detection.

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