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IKA Works had its beginnings in Cologne's historic district. That's where businessman Curt Janke and pharmacist Max Kunkel founded the "Handelsgesellschaft pharmazeutischer Bedarfsartikel Janke & Kunkel OHG" on January 1st, 1910. Labs, pharmacies, and hospitals were their principal customers. Janke and Kunkel survived WWI and the following years of inflation and economic crisis by consistently offering new products and ideas. The bestsellers back then were a quick-electrolysis stands, lab stirrers, hotplates, and a calorimeter for calorific value determination of fuel. Herbert and Wilfried Leiberich joined the management board in 1929; René Stiegelmann Sr. came onboard in 1931. The Janke and Kunkel families left the business in 1937.

IKA Works GmbH & Co. KG in Staufen can now look back on a century of company history. Founded in 1910 as a supplier for pharmacies and hospitals, the company left bombed-out Cologne for Staufen im Breisgau in 1942. There it quickly became the world's leading company for laboratory technology as well as dispersing, stirring and kneading machines. Today, the IKA group has over 800 employees at eight locations on four continents and is proud to serve customers such as BASF, Bayer or Procter&Gamble. The company is the leader in the world market in most of the product groups and a leading example for development and growth.

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