Burndy® – the 19th of July, 1924 was highlighted with a marquee event, namely the initiation of Burndy Engineering Company. Bern Dibner put not only his heart into it but his name as well. BURNDY was derived out of his name (Bern) and the first letter of his last name (D). The most prominent Dibner’s innovation was the multi-functional connector which works without welding or soldering.

One of the key dates in the company life was 1988 that was the date of the company buyout by FCI (Framatome Connectors International), and that has terminated the family status of the company. In autumn 2009, after FCI acquisition by Bain Capital in 2005, BURNDY joined the HUBBELL Electrical Systems conglomerate.

The headquarter of the organisation is situated in New England (the city of Manchester, New Hampshire), and it has three work sites along with it (in the US, Federative Republic of Brazil and United Mexican States).

BURNDY is proud of the high quality of its manufacture as well as the outstanding customer support and perpetual innovativeness. With a wide array of connector types and instrumentation the company can supply both the connector and power needs. BURNDY’s excellent technology along with progressive engineering support services makes creation of any custom connector possible. All needs of connectors can be supplied due to eighty-five years of customer support experience.

Among BURNDY’s innovations are electrical components and a variety of contractors, renewable power market and production of connectors together with tools and different fittings for repair services.

Burndy’s corporate policy is CUSTOMERS’ TOTAL SATISFACTION!

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