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We are glad to introduce to you Ultrasonic Leak Detection with Superior patented AccuTrak® instruments!

For over 50 years, Superior Signal Company has provided industry with quality products at attractive prices. The company specializes in the manufacturing of smoke generating devices and ultrasonic instruments. In the early 1950's the Superior Signal Solutions LLC originally designed and manufactured military and ship distress signals for government agencies. While these signals were innovative and effective, they were not suitable for civilian purposes.

In 1991, after many years of research and development Superior Signal introduced the AccuTrak® model VPX Ultrasonic Leak Detector. The VPX was developed for heavy industry in plant maintenance applications including compressed gas leaks, vacuum leaks, detection of bearing wear and internal leaks through valves or steam traps. The model VPE was later developed specifically for the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration industry, and quickly became the leading ultrasonic leak detector in the market. Additional Superior AccuTrak® instruments have since been introduced to fill the needs of the Facility Maintenance industry.

Detect leaks of any type of refrigerant, gas, compressed air, even vacuum!

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